2018 Board Nomination - Heather Geraldson Autobiography

For those of you that don’t already know me, I have been a MCKC member since October of 2012. I have two rescue dogs: Lucy, a black lab mix, and Daisy, an Australian cattle dog & border collie mix. Lucy loves pretty much anything from frisbees to swimming to kayaking to agility. The list could go on forever. Daisy is a bit more timid, and she has helped me become a better trainer with dogs that have various levels of fear and anxiety. She now enjoys many things that scared her in the past, including many agility obstacles, swimming, and going to obedience classes. My involvement at the MCKC has grown substantially over the last five years, and most of my volunteer work has centered on obedience training, advertisement, photography, and our newly designed MCKC website.

I have been very active with the obedience area of the kennel club, especially over the last two years. After taking a plethora of obedience classes, I decided to volunteer as an obedience instructor at the beginning of 2016. I have co-taught a total of eight MCKC classes including Puppy Obedience I, Puppy Obedience II, and Beginner Obedience I. At the end of each class session, I have also stepped up as class photographer. I take, edit, post, and print photos of each dog and handler that attend classes.

Advertisement for obedience classes as well as MCKC as a whole has been another area I have spent much of my time. I designed the MCKC brochure, which tells about all of our classes in obedience, agility, hunt & field, conformation, tracking, and Nose Work. I have designed and edited the obedience flyers that are posted at local businesses for each class session, and I have also designed flyers for special events at the MCKC such as the Kim Line-Berget agility seminar. I also organized our participation in the Lakeshore Holiday Parade and the Memorial Day Parade in Manitowoc in both 2015 and 2016.

Another important part of advertisement in today’s world is social media, and I have contributed thousands of photos to the MCKC and NWDSC (Northeast Wisconsin Dog Show Classic) Facebook pages. I have taken, edited, and posted many, many photos from agility events, obedience classes, tracking practice, hunt & field events, Nose Work classes, and the NWDSC conformation show. It serves as a great way to share the awesome things that are happening at MCKC!

Finally, my largest and most time consuming contribution to the club has been my involvement with the newly designed MCKC website. I began working with Packerland Websites at the beginning of 2017 to come up with a more modern and user friendly website with more photos, graphics, and better maps. We incorporated a lot of my photos from all six facets of the club to enhance the text content that was already there. As website coordinator, I continue to be in charge of maintaining the website and updating any changes that are sent to me.

If you decide to vote for me as a MCKC Board Member, I believe I would be able to offer a new perspective on what the club can do to move forward as a whole. I have already contributed to various advances in the club’s social media, advertisement, and website, and I believe I would bring new ideas to the table for future growth of the MCKC-