Mishicot Kennel Application

Dear Member,

At the last General Meeting an application to the Manitowoc Zoning Committee from an individual asking for permission to operate a dog kennel on his property was brought up. I have attached the official documents for you to review on your own. It was suggested by an attorney that if you oppose this request the best course of action is to show up at the meeting and voice your opinion. He felt that this would carry a lot of weight and that nothing gets board members' attention more than a big crowd voicing their opinions.

The meeting on this matter was cancelled that was scheduled for Feb 19th, and I believe that it is rescheduled for March 19th, but please check their website if you wish to respond:  http://www.co.manitowoc.wi.us/government/agendas-and-minutes/boards-commissions-committees/board-of-adjustment/

The Board of Adjustment meets at 7 p.m. in the Manitowoc County Office Complex, 4319 Expo Drive, in rooms 300 and 301.

If you have an opinion on this application, then by all means show up at the meeting or at least write a letter to the Manitowoc County Planning and Zoning Department expressing your support or objection.  It is your right, and it is ok to let them know you are a member of MC-KC and/or any other club.

Thank you,

Donna Kerr

President – MC-KC


Mishicot Kennel Application Documents