A Collie Making a Jump

MCKC Agility

Dog Agility is a canine sport where dogs must correctly and rapidly perform a series of obstacles under the guidance of their handlers. The sport is fun for participants and spectators alike.

The obstacles a dog may need to perform include a variety of jumps, tunnels, a seesaw, a narrow "dogwalk", a tall a-frame, weave poles (a series of poles the dog must slalom between), and a table where the dog must stop and wait for a count of 5. The handler runs with the dog and guides the dog to the correct obstacle with voice and signals.

In competition, the handler may not use food, toys or touch the dog or the obstacles, however toys and food are used quite a bit in training. A dog needs to be healthy and reasonably fit to participate safely, but it's a game dogs of all sizes and shapes, mixed breed and purebred can play.


MCKC Agility

Trial premiums for September's Agility Trial

UKC Indoor Agility Trial

May 1-2 2021

AKC Outdoor Agility Trial

June 5-7, 2020

AKC Fall Outdoor Agility Trial

September 11-13, 2020 (entries open July 1; close August 28)

Indoor Agility Classes


Agility classes are generally held Wednesday evenings with class sessions scheduled simultaneously throughout the year.  Additional misc classes & run-thrus  are also scheduled throughout the year, based on building availability.

Please check the Calendar for dates & times.

 Agility Contact

Annette McDonald

Agility Trial Contact

Burl Cavanaugh



Volunteers Needed

Member Volunteers needed for the Agility Trials.

Check out the Calendar for the trial dates, or call Burl at 920-682-1456