Bearded Collie Displaying Conformation


What is the Purpose of Dog Shows?

For each breed the AKC registers, there is a breed standard which is a word description of the perfect dog of that breed. Standards describe the mental and physical characteristics that allow each breed to perform the function for which they were originated.

The standard describes the dog's looks, movement and temperament. Breeders involved with each breed are attempting to produce a dog that most closely conforms to the breed standard.

In this respect, dog shows are not unlike cat shows, bird shows, cattle shows, horse shows, etc. In fact, for almost every species bred by man there are competitions among breeders. AKC approved judges examine the dogs and place them in accordance to how close each dog compares with their mental image of the "perfect" dog as described in the breeds official standard.


NEWDSC June 06 - June 09, 2024

NEWDSC Volunteers Needed!

Show Chairperson, Nancy Powell:

Parking & Camping

Gary Roberson:


Ann Ihde:

Chief Ring Steward

Debbie Brylski:

Reserved Grooming

Nikkie Kinziger:

Judges Meals At Show 

Dave Rivest: