Obedience Training Rules & Regulations

  • All classes are 7 weeks and are approximately 45 minutes long.
  •  Payment is required on the first night of class. All classes are $70, unless otherwise noted. A one time fee discount of $10 is given for adopted dogs or dogs attending a second session. Students unable to attend further classes may request a refund before the third week of class, minus a $5 materials fee.
  •  Proof of vaccination and negative stool check are required on the first night. No dogs are allowed in class with flea or tick infestation.
  •  Dogs showing aggression in class will be refunded their fee and be referred to an Animal Behaviorist. Wolf hybrids are not accepted in any class.
  •  Students must be at least 12 years of age to participate in class. Children of any age are welcome to observe the classes on the sidelines and are informed not to approach a dog without permission of the owner. Children must NEVER be left unsupervised either inside or in the parking lot. Please do not allow children to approach crated dogs. The obedience trainers or Kennel Club will not be liable for any accidents or damages incurred by any individual or his/her dog.
  •  Dogs must be on lead at all times, indoors or out, unless permitted by the Trainer. It is recommended that a 6-foot leather leash be used. These are available for purchase at the club if needed. Retractable leashes are not allowed in any class. Long lines are not allowed.
  •  Female dogs in season are NOT permitted in the building at any time. Speak with your instructor if your dog comes into season during a class.
  •  Smoking is prohibited on MCKC Grounds.
  •  Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their own dog. There is a graveled, fenced area for use with clean up bags/tools. If your dog relieves himself in class, we will hold your dog while you clean up.
  •  If classes need to be canceled due to bad weather, listen to local radio & television stations for an announcement. In the event that your class in canceled, your class will be extended by 1 week.

Class Descriptions

Class Schedule